UPDATE: As of Tuesday, Oct. 4, the parrot’s owner Brenda Fischbach said her parrot had been found. Fischbach told 8 News Now she received an anonymous call from a person who stated they knew where the bird was and was able to bring him back to her business unharmed.

The exchange took place on Monday, as the woman who returned the bird was given the $1,000 reward, no questions asked, according to Fischbach.

LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — The owners of a local business reached out to 8 News Now for help, after they said their double yellow-headed Amazon parrot had been stolen.

On Wednesday, Brenda Fischbach said her parrot Sam has been part of her family for 42 years.

Fischbach said that Sam the parrot was taken on Wednesday from her store, American Printing on Fremont Street near Maryland Parkway.

“He’s been down here for 15 years and nobody has ever bothered him so we don’t know why someone would take him, but we need him home,” she said.

Video surveillance shows the theft taking place at the business, according to Fischbach.

A man is seen on camera breaking into the business, wandering around, and eventually making his way to Sam’s cage.

“We have three garage overhead doors and one of them has a lock on the outside, and they broke that and got in through the back, then set off the alarm,” she said.

Fischbach’s brother-in-law, Ron Johnson said he has watched the security footage countless times.

“This guy who came in must have a lot of bites on his arms and his hands because Sam did not go peacefully, he fought, so it’s a good thing,” Johnson said. “He had to search, but he bypassed a lot of expensive things to get the bird.”

Brenda and Ron said with the number of people that come in and see Sam on a regular basis, they believe they were targeted as birds of Sam’s kind can be worth a lot of money.

They also believe the suspect had to be someone, who knew that Sam spent his nights at the print shop.

“We want him to be safe and he needs to be taken care of, and we’ve had him so long, he’s 42 years old,” Fischbach said.

Brenda and her family are offering a reward for anyone who can bring Sam home alive, as the bird needs to be medicated daily for his joints and is currently in the final stages of his life.

Las Vegas Metro police are currently investigating the incident.

According to the Southwest Exotic Avian Rescue, double yellow-headed Amazon parrots generally cost $4,000 to $5,000.