LAS VEGAS (KLAS)– The Clark County School District Board of Trustees is slated to discuss Superintendent Dr. Jesus Jara’s employment at their next meeting.

An agenda posted Friday for an Oct. 28 meeting, says the trustees will discuss and “possible action on termination for convenience by the Board of Trustees of the employment agreement with Dr. Jesus Jara.”

The agenda item was brought on by three trustee members though it does not list exactly who. 

Trustee member Danielle Ford tells 8 News Now that she is one of them. She says it was time to discuss Dr. Jara’s role within the school district.

“More concerns than usual have been coming in from parents and staff about his leadership and I believe it warrants discussing whether he is the best fit for superintendent of the nation’s 5th largest school district or not,” Ford added.

CCSD parent Chirsopher Wanger echoed some of those concerns after wanting answers from the school district regarding the uptick in violence in schools

“It was probably the best news in weeks,” Wagner said. “I’ve been reaching out to the school; the district numerous times and I cannot even get the response from the superintendent they wouldn’t even acknowledge the issues going on.” 

One parent said ousting Jara will not fix anything,

“There is a lot of blaming, finger-pointing instead of coming together and letting him finish his term,” Sonia Petkewich said.

Dr. Jara was first appointed to superintendent of the Clark County School District back in June of 2018.

Dr. Jara was asked about the future of his job during a press conference on Friday.

“I am employed by the elected school board of Clark County, but I work for every single day for the children and the educators I work alongside. That is my main focus, that will remain my main focus until I am told otherwise, ” Dr. Jara said. 

In May of 2021, the board of trustees voted to extend Dr. Jara’s contract in hopes that he will continue his role until 2023.