LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Nearly 200 parents protested Wednesday night, pushing for the right to decide if their kids should mask up at school.

Statewide guidance issued last week says Kindergarten through 12th-grade students in Nevada must wear masks when they are inside a school and on a school district bus.

But the parents protesting outside the Clark County School District (CCSD) headquarters say they do not want their kids to be forced to wear masks at school. They say it should be their choice.

“My kids don’t own masks. They won’t be masked,” said parent DeAnna Fossett.

She says she took her kids out of CCSD and will be homeschooling them this year because she does not want them to wear masks at school.

“It’s child abuse to stick a face diaper over a child’s mouth, that cannot regulate its breathing and all that properly,” Fossett told 8 News Now.

The Power2Parent Union, which organized the protest, says masks are a barrier for special needs students.

“One size doesn’t fit all,” stated Power2Parent Union President Erin Phillips.

She explains that is why they believe the choice to mask up should be given to parents.

“They’re the ones who are in charge of health, and they know their children the best. They should be able to choose whether or not to get a vaccine and get them a mask,” Phillips said. “We don’t want to co-parent with the governor.”

But other parents, like Krista Whitley, agree with the mask requirement.

“I think it’s a very practical measure,” she expressed.

Whitley believes masks are a great way to keep her two kids safe.

“Not every child can be vaccinated, and it’s the most common-sense tactic to minimizing community spread,” she said.

Still, the parents protesting say their minds are made up.

“I do not take my child anywhere where they have to wear a mask,” Fossett shared.

Protest organizers say they want Gov. Steve Sisolak to hear their message, but it is unlikely that there will be policy changes any time soon. 8 News Now reached out to the governor’s office for a comment about the protests, but we did not hear back by Wednesday night.

Of note, there can be exemptions to the mask rule if your child has a medical condition or disability. Read all the rules here: