Parents, teachers from second CCSD school express concerns with principal

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LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Another Clark County School District principal has become the target of parents’ complaints. A group from Walter Bracken STEAM Academy revealed their concerns last night at the Board of Trustees meeting.

Some disturbing claims were made at the meeting, with parents presenting a variety of issues, including changes on campus seeming to negatively affect the culture and morale.

“Bracken is in crisis,” said one parent. “The environment is so toxic that a large number of teachers are seriously considering filing for voluntary transfers,” revealed another.

The parents said Bracken’s new principal Stanika Stretenovic has created a hostile working environment.

“Tensions are high,” said Diana Ramirez, parent of a first grader. “My daughter came home telling me her teacher is breaking down in the classroom.” Third grade parent Nancy Torres Elias said Stretenovic belittles and bullies them.

The group said they’re speaking on behalf of teachers who fear retaliation. They gave 8 News Now letters reportedly written by staff, describing a pattern of intimidation and an authoritarian approach to decision making. They offered criticisms about a possible ineffective leadership.

“I’m not shocked, and you’re going to hear more,” noted John Vellardita, Clark County Education Association executive director.

The CCEA expects more parents taking the same approach to reveal their issues with principals. Vellardita said there’s about three or four additional schools on the path toward going public. He noted the changes to state law this year removed accountability for principals. He wants to change that during the next legislative session but may first take legal action.

“I’m not in a position to speak on that, but we have seen one too many things that have occurred now that we think that there might be some remedy in the courts to address.”

Items to be addressed include the district’s and principals’ behavior, as well as actions to try and remedy concerns on campus.

The union continues investigating complaints made by teachers under the new Decker rule implemented this year. CCEA determines if a problem exists and will fight until the administrator is removed, according to its website.

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