LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — As the school district focuses on full-time distance learning — it brings up questions about access to internet and WiFi. As Kate Houston reports, some parents are worried about how they’ll keep their kids connected to the internet all day.

“In order to properly do virtual education, they need their own chrome book that they’re going to be able to do their own work,” said Cassandra Bouakka, parent and teacher.

As a teacher and mother, Bouakka is trying to plan the upcoming school year for her kids and her students.

“It’s difficult; it’s very hard to juggle between all these things,” Bouakka said. “You’ve got yourself and those duties and your duties to your children as well.”

As the idea of full-time distance learning sets in, Bouakka is concerned about internet outages. Before the pandemic, she suggested her virtual ed students go to a local coffee shop or restaurant to stay on top of their schoolwork.

“We don’t have those options to get internet,” according to Bouakka. “We only have our homes or hotspots on our phone where you can only have so much data that comes out of it.”

Michelle Robinson also worries the internet in her home will become an issue. After upgrading the speed, Robinson says her kids were still having problems getting online.

“Our houses are very close together, and that seems to; during quarantine we were having lots and lots of issues with our internet,” Robinson.

These connectivity problems, while distance learning is worrisome to Bouakka. This past school year, it leads to students missing lessons and made it hard to get in touch with families.

“We couldn’t get in contact with them, couldn’t reach out to them. It’s difficult,” Bouakka.

Because of this, Bouakka would like the district to ensure that every family has equal access to the technology needed for distance learning.

This month, CCSD sent out a survey to parents and staff. The responses account for less than half of the students in the district. Of those responses, 95 percent say they do have internet access at home.