NORTH LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Neighbors in a North Las Vegas neighborhood were still dealing with overwhelming tragedy Friday, as police arrested a mother and father related to their infant son’s death. 

The 3-month-old baby’s body was found in a dumpster Sunday, near Las Vegas Boulevard and Carey Avenue. Officers took 52-year-old Raul Ramos and 32-year-old Adriana Hernandez into custody just days later. 

“I can’t imagine these people doing this to this little child,” Magda Orzzo said of the disturbing discovery. 

“He didn’t even get to see anything you know?” Nicole Aguilar added of the young boy. “He didn’t even have a choice to live or anything.”

A memorial of flowers, candles, balloons and stuffed animals sat next to the dumpster where the child was found, as families gathered to pay their respects. 

“Just a child being found dead and thrown in the trash,” Aguilar said. “That is really heartbreaking.”

Sources told 8 News Now Ramos and Hernandez used to live in the block of apartments near where the infant was found. They were reportedly later evicted and were staying at the nearby Casa Blanca Hotel. 

Sources added that the couple brought the baby back to the dumpster in the alley adjacent to their former home. 

“I recognize the faces when my sister told me,”Orzzo said when she saw the two suspects’ photos. “I remember these faces in the past.”

Hearing this detail had some families 8 News Now spoke with pretty startled. They said they hope to honor his life as they hold their own children a little closer. 

“It also makes me think if it’s safe around here,” Aguilar said. “Because you never know.”

“I feel really really sad,” Orzzo concluded. “And we’re still sad.”

Raul Ramos and Adriana Hernandez were booked into the Las Vegas Detention Center Friday. 

They both face three charges of child abuse and neglect, along with a charge of concealing evidence. They are due in court on January 29. 

The baby’s cause of death has not been determined.