LAS VEGAS (KLAS)– It’s 2022, and there are so many apps out there such as Twitch, Roblox, and Discord, along with other social media apps.

Although the platforms may seem safe it opens the door to possible dangers if you aren’t monitoring your child’s usage.

Natalie Wainwright is a parent who says she isn’t taking any chances when it comes to keeping a close eye on her son’s social media usage.

“I can track them on their location and I can see after hours the calls and texts coming in and out,” Wainwright said. “It is so helpful because I get an inside look at what they are doing.”

She tells 8 News Now she uses an app called Smart Family to help monitor her son’s usage.

Recently, Wainwright says she took her 13-year-old son’s phone away after discovering conversations between an adult and her son, although, it wasn’t anything inappropriate she says it still concerned her.

“Why are there adults talking to children? Then I have guilt, why didn’t I catch it earlier?” she expressed.

Wainwright says she tracks her children’s phones in order to be aware of what they could be googling, or who they are talking to.

“Maybe like once a month, I actually go through it, which I feel guilty when I do it, but I found out a lot about my son,” she added.

Wainwright says monitoring their usage through the app allows her to approach her children, on difficult topics they might not have talked to anyone about otherwise.

Dr. Sid Khurana tells 8 News Now it’s ok for parents to be ahead of the game and check in with their children when it comes to online usage.

“We cannot let our guards down,” he said. “You just have to be a good enough parent you don’t have to be a perfect parent, so safety comes first.”

Another tip parents who spoke to 8 News Now mentioned, was to friend requesting their child on social media platforms, in an effort to stay up to date on what they post and who is commenting on their page.

Another option may be to reach out to phone providers to see what options are available to help monitor their child’s phone.