LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Travel for the holiday weekend is underway and you might want to pack some patience.

Whether you’re driving or flying, you will want to be prepared for delays and crowds. According to AAA, bookings for hotels and airfare are up 22% from a year ago.

It’s expected that 545,000 people will call for road assistance which is an indicator of how busy the roads will be this Labor Day weekend. Data shows that more people are driving because of higher flight prices.

However, more people are flying this year than last year. An airport spokesperson said they expect another record-breaking month of passengers coming through Harry Reid International Airport. AAA said whether you’re driving or flying, take the extra steps needed to avoid long wait times.

“Get out early, expect traffic. Early in the day or really late at night, if you feel safe enough to do an overnight road trip, that really is the best time to do it because during the day really every hour is a peak hour for travel, you’re going to have long lines especially if you go on peak days like Friday and Monday to return and you can expect a lot of people coming here and most Nevadans are going to places like Denver Anaheim and Honolulu,” said John Treanor, AAA spokesperson.

You will want to get to the airport early to make sure you can secure parking.