LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — This past year, we have all have endured loss in some capacity, and with the pandemic, many have endured unexpected loss of loved ones. It’s hard enough for adults to endure, but what about our youth?

8 News Now learned about a program called “Camp Cope.” It’s free and specifically designed for kids to help them build better coping skills when dealing with loss.

Adam’s Place, a nonprofit organization helping children and their families cope with grief and loss, has been a part of the Las Vegas Community for 11 years. Just four years ago, they created Camp Cope.

While some families endure loss of loved ones, dealing with grief and loss doesn’t always mean death, as founder Kelly Thomas Boyers explains.

“It could be any type of loss. Deportation, incarceration, deployment, divorce. That child has experienced a disruption in that family unit and needs that support and needs to recognize that they are not the only one, that they can connect to others that have similar feelings,” she said.

Due to the pandemic, all of their sessions for the past year have been virtual, and the need has been greater than ever. Families like the Johnsons are thankful for the help Adam’s Place and Camp Cope have provided them.

“We started Camp Cope after I lost my son and Jonathan lost his brother. It has been so wonderful because him being able to talk to other people around his age, going through some of the same feelings he is going through, I think it has really helped him to be able to identify his feelings and not be so afraid to talk about them,” shared Tessie Johnson. 

Camp Cope works closely with the Clark County School District, so you can always reach out to a school counselor to get you and your child started.

Remember: it is free.

“All the staff there are really nice and understanding, and no one ever speaks over you. So, if you are trying to talk about something, you can talk about it,” said Jonathan Johnson.

“They realize that children grieve, too, and there are so few organizations that really focus on allowing the children the space to be sad and helping them through that. So, I just really love all that they do for the children,” said Tessie.

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