LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — A proposal to help keep crime down in Las Vegas could soon be implemented around the city.

It’s called the ‘order out corridor,’ which would cover popular areas like the Fremont Street Experience and the Arts District.

Megan Linney is the founder of the Layer Lounge on Third Street and is questioning the idea.

The proposal would establish areas where a person convicted of committing any crime within the designated corridor be banned for a year, according to the City of Las Vegas.

“I don’t know how it’s going to be enforced and I don’t know how it actually solves the problem,” Linney said. “If you live there or work there, what are the chances of rehabilitation if you strip someone from their community if they can’t go to where their friends and family are, go to work or rely on public transit.”

According to the proposal, the areas being considered are from Washington to Sahara, and I-15 to Eastern.

The idea stems from a similar effort Clark County recently approved for the Strip but activists believe having a provision, in general, is concerning.

Although the proposal is aimed at people with criminal backgrounds, some such as Athar Haseebullah the Executive Directory of the ACLU believe the provision is too vague.

“It fundamentally interferes with basic constitution liberties,” Haseebullah said. “What’s to say six months from now you pass by the area and you are driving, now you are violating the provision which means now they can come back and charge you with another misdemeanor for violating that.”

Linney said while the concept isn’t ideal, she believes something needs to be done to keep areas like the arts district safer.

“We have some challenges and characters, but violence, we see a lot less of,” she added.

The City of Las Vegas tells us the bill will not be discussed during the next city council meeting on September 7.

It will likely go to a recommending committee meeting and then be referred back to the city council for action.