LAS VEGAS (KLAS) – During the pandemic, the job market was transformed by the increase of casual and part-time gig work – income-earning activities outside the standard, long-term employer-employee relationship.

This type of work is helpful for college students Alex Atwood, the CEO of Gravywork said.

“In a large metropolitan college type of environment, you’re gonna have a lot more opportunity to pick up gig work just based on the size of the population and the need there. It also depends upon the type of industry that’s most prevalent in the city that you’re in,” he said.

In addition to Gravywork, there are plenty of platforms to connect college students with work, like Thumbtack” and Task Rabbit for those who are handy around a home or a yard.

Rideshare apps and delivery apps are pretty much a staple and offer college students fantastic flexibility, Atwood said because students are not locked into a particular schedule.

Other side hustles to consider are listed below.

  • Pet sitting through
  • Virtual tutoring
  • Renting out your vehicle when not in use via Turo
  • Taking online surveys, playing video games at
  • Paid internships

Many of the options could be great resume boosters, and build good job experience.

Also, building connections with people can lead to opportunities down the road.

A lot of college students also donate plasma when looking for ways to earn extra cash. Many can make up to $500 a month by doing so.