LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — We’ve got the latest information on where the hottest places to live in the Valley are! And, here’s a clue: it’s in the northwest.

Two of the zip codes are in North Las Vegas, two are in Lone Mountain, and one is in Skye Canyon. North Las Vegas proved especially popular for both buyers and sellers, coming in at the top spot of Opendoor’s ‘Hottest Zip Codes’ list.

Mozell Williams said the overall growth of the area influence her to buy, “I didn’t want to have to travel 30 minutes to go shopping.”

“What makes it hot is that it is new,” revealed Cyndi Koester, director of CAMCO, a community association management company.

She said they are seeing a big interest in these areas not only because they are new, but because they are growing with restaurants and stores. “You go down the street, and everything is within two miles in your community. You are not traveling across town to go to the store.”

This growth means more opportunity, which is also attracting people.

“I see that there is going to be a lot of new growth for jobs, as well, with these new zip codes being developed.”

Another trend Koester said they are noticing is more construction of condos and townhomes. As prices go up, more first-time buyers want options.

“The pricing was affordable,” noted Williams.

She said affordability was the biggest factor in her choice. It plays into why North Las Vegas is appealing for buyers and why sellers won’t have a problem, either. “The pricing was competitive, and I thought for my budget as a single mom, it was a very good price range for me.

For the full list of zip codes, please click here.