Open Concept has new concept to all you can drink; bar charges patrons $10 an hour

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LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Pay by the hour: That’s a new concept for a new bar in St. Louis, Missouri. The owner of the bar rightfully titled Open Concept $10 an hour, and they can drink as much as they legally can.

“When we see people becoming visibly intoxicated, we then serve them Pedialyte,” the owner Michael Butler said to The Takeout. “We care about our customers,” he told the site. “Most people once they’ve been drinking just want something fruity and tasty, so we can serve them that Pedialyte and say ‘Hey you need to slow down.'”

Butler, the owner of Open Concept, which launcehd Friday, says the time at the cocktail bar begins when the patron gets their first drink. 

Visitors also check in with their phones and receive text messages about how much time they have left. 

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