LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — DISCLAIMER: The video contains strong language and is disturbing. It may be hard to watch.

The I-Team obtained exclusive, never before seen video from inside an RTC bus minutes before police say a woman pushed an elderly man to his death.  The surveillance video is the first time anyone following the case will hear audio from inside the bus.

Several things stand out about the video: The suspect, identified as 25-year-old Cadesha Bishop, can be heard exchanging words with another passenger before arguing with the victim, 74-year-old Serge Fournier.  Shortly after Fournier was pushed from the bus by Bishop, police said.

Right after, she walked off the bus and stepped over Fournier, while holding her young child’s hand.

“Call the police on that b****,” one passenger yelled.

The video also shows passengers who immediately rushed to help the elderly man, while some didn’t. Fournier later died from his injuries. Bishop was charged with murder.

Before her interaction with Fournier, the video showed Bishop’s son sitting next to a woman with a walker, before eventually moving to another seat. Bishop had words with the woman and even attacked her weight.

Bishop: “If she hits me with that walker, I’m gonna get her a** back in the face…”  Ain’t nobody sit down because she’s overweight. She don’t know it because I’m gonna let your ass know now…”

Witnesses say Fournier asked Bishop to be nicer to passengers, but as the bus stopped near 13th and Fremont Street the two exchanged words.

Bishop: “You are an ass****. Get your ass off, seriously. You are disgusting.”
Fournier: “Who?”
Bishop: “You!  You’re disgusting. 
Fournier: “You’re disgusting.”
Bishop: “Get the F*** out of my face! Seriously!”
Fournier: “Why? What you gonna do?”
Bishop: “Tell him to get the **** out of my face.”

After those words, the video showed Bishop pushing Fournier off the bus.

Bus passenger: “Oh, my God.  Unh, unh. You know you gonna be out of line for that! God don’t like that!” 

One bystander who went to aide Fournier stayed by his side. The bus driver picked up the phone and called for help.

“Where’s the girl,” someone asked? 

“She ran,” a passenger said. 

Police were able to track Bishop down by going to her son’s school while she was picking him up.  Bishop was arraigned and let out on $100,000 bail, but she has to wear high-level electronic monitoring.

She’ll be back in court for another hearing Thursday morning.