ONLY ON 8: Valley man and motorcycle-riding dog hope to inspire others to live life to fullest

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A video that went viral recently on Twitter features an Overton man riding his motorcycle with his dog holding onto him on the back of the bike.

The video was taken on a Las Vegas highway and has been shared thousands of times on social media. The dog’s name is Sox. He and his human, Michael Fiala have ridden nearly 60,000 miles together over the past six years. 

Fiala has had Sox for eight years since he was a six-month-old puppy. 

“I was given him and immediately like any dog owner , (he) became a crucial part of my life,” recalled Fiala. “I really looked to him all the time.”

Sox goes by another name too. He’s @the_bike_dog on Instagram. The pair has been riding together for almost seven years. After Fiala graduated from college, he decided to move to Hawaii, sell his car, and buy a motorcycle, but he coudn’t do it without his best friend.

So, the training began.

Fiala and Sox trained for at least an hour a day, for months.

“I figured with my background in animal training I could probably make it happen,” explained Fiala. “Before we ever turned on the motorcycle, we’d roll down a gravel alleyway anything. We didn’t take to the roads for months.”

The pair even has specific commands so Sox knows when to tighten his grip when approaching speed bumps or turns.

“You can feel when he’s shifting his weight a little bit to make sure that he’s centered,” Fiala explained. “On longer rides when he’s shifting his weight more frequently I know he’s starting to get tired, so it’s time to take a break.”

Fiala considers himself just a guy on the road, living his dream with his dog on his bike. He hopes their story inspires others to live their lives to the fullest every day, and appreciate their pets.

“When you get out of some of the cities, when you get out of some of the traffic and enjoy the experiences if you can bring your favorite animal on the planet to enjoy those experiences it just makes it all the better,” Fiala added. “He’s a dog with his head out the window, but there is no window. He’s just always happy.”

The now Valley-based pair attracts a lot of attention. But, they want their onlookers to know if you see them, smile, but keep your attention on the road. 

“I love that Sox has an impact on people. I just love that it brings a smile to their faces. But if you’re the only person driving in that car, please don’t pull out your phone to take videos. Because not only is it not safe but it’s also against the law. I can’t possibly condone somebody holding their phone while driving next to a motorcyclist, let alone one with a dog on it.”

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