LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Three people have been identified as suspects in a deadly road rage shooting along I-15 between Silverado Ranch Boulevard and Blue Diamond Road.

“Anybody who is going to commit a crime that brazen during daytime hours and shoot outside of a vehicle and kill someone driving along the freeway is an imminent threat,” said Lt. Ray Spencer of the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department Homicide Section.

On August 5, 2019 at approximately 7:37 p.m., police officers were dispatched to the area to investigate a report of a road rage incident that resulted in a shooting.

Police say the suspect vehicle was driving behind 58-year-old Jeffrey Boyajian as they traveled on I-15. At some point, the car pulled up beside Boyajian and fired multiple rounds into his car.

“Between the M Resort and where the shooting occurred is where the altercation started,” said Lt. Spencer.

Boyajian was pronounced dead at the hospital. 

“It’s really a shame. No one deserves to die that way. Not anyone,” said Lucy Bossbaly, the victim’s cousin.

“We were able to capture over 100 miles of video, where we captured the suspect vehicle van,” said Lt. Spencer. “We combed through over 500 registered dodge vans that were registered in Clark County.”

Lt. Spencer also noted footage from a RTC bus was a vital addition to the video evidence collected.

“On one of the videos, we did notice that the van had even driven by a RTC bus,” he said. “We were able to pull video of surveillance from the RTC bus to actually get a better photograph of the van as it drove by.”

Three people have been identified as suspects in connection to the case. 

Marcia Mingo was arrested for aiding and abetting. Her daughter and son were also inside of the vehicle. They were reportedly moving to California before the shooting occurred.

“During the course of the investigation, she deliberately misled investigators,” said Lt. Spencer. “We just aren’t able to tell who the actual shooter is at this point.”

The Mingo family is not cooperating with police.

8 News Now Reporter Shakala Alvaranga: Do you feel confident that one of them is the shooter?

Lt. Spencer: Yes. Yes, we do.

Police believe another person may have been in the suspect vehicle. A reward has been posted for any details leading to an arrest. To submit an anonymous tip, click here.