LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Multiple agencies responded to the North Las Vegas Airport after the two aircrafts collided, leaving four people dead.

The North Las Vegas Fire Department’s Station 53 is two miles away and the closest to the crash scene.

8 News Now went on a ride-along with firefighters on Thursday to get a closer look at how crews respond to similar incidents and what changes could be made in the future.

Frank Sanchez North Las Vegas fire captain knew there was no time to waste when the report of the mid-air collision came in.

“While I’m looking in my notes here I’m looking at the conditions of the fire,” he said. “We knew we had an emergency at the airport.”

The fire crews take on yearly aircraft collision training, which ended up being put to the test on Sunday.

“It’s not very often we have incidents here,” he added. “We want to get there as quickly as we can and save as many lives as we can.”

Captain Sanchez told 8 News now that since the North Las Vegas Airport is used primarily for private use- the Federal Aviation Administration doesn’t require a fire department on scene at all times.

“They do have that vehicle on site that’s for fighting fires that have chemicals with a special foam on it,” he added. “After the tower cleared us, then we went to both planes, and unfortunately when we got there we did the assessment and there was nothing we could have done for any of the victims.”

The fire on Sunday was put out within six minutes, according to Sanchez.

He added that the fire crew will now use the experience as a learning tool and implement it into a training course.