LAS VEGAS (KLAS) – The search is on for a hit-and-run driver who knocked a Las Vegas man off his motorcycle, breaking his collar bone.

This happened early Saturday morning on Oct. 9, on the far east side of the valley, on Desert Inn Rd. just east of Nellis Blvd.

Jermaine Tate tells 8 News Now that he was on his motorcycle going south on Cabana Dr., when a driver heading west on Desert Inn Rd. ran through a light at the intersection, hit Tate, and then drove off.

Tate considers himself lucky to be alive.
“I just braced for impact and I caught the back end of [their] car,” he said.

That was the last thing Tate remembers before he says he was knocked off his motorcycle Saturday morning, on his way back home from a local Walgreens.

“I just woke up, just this whole side bruised, broken collar bone,” Tate said, pointing out his injuries.

He says a Metro Police officer at the scene told him it was likely an impaired driver who caused the crash.

But perhaps more painful than Tate’s physical injuries and concussion, is him knowing the person responsible drove away.

“The accountability part is where I’m hurt at because you clearly hit me and you kept going and didn’t even brake,” he said.

The damage to his motorcycle — as well as the helmet he was wearing — is still clearly visible.

Jermaine Tate’s wife, Melissa Tate, says she was worried for her kids if he did not make it.
“How would we live without him?” Melissa Tate said.

She is thankful her husband is still here. And she has a message for whoever hurt him.

“If you wouldn’t hit and run and leave your child on the ground like that, don’t do it to somebody else, because it doesn’t just impact them, it impacts their whole family,” Melissa Tate said.

And Jermaine Tate knows he is one of the lucky ones.
“We see motorcycles get hit and don’t come home,” Jermaine Tate said. “Thank God that I got the next chance to do that.”

Metro Police tell 8 News Now that this case is classified as a hit and run — and the case is still open. Metro is still investigating.