ONLY ON 8: Longtime Las Vegan remembers his love for Bonnie Springs Ranch

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Longtime Las Vegan remembers his love for Bonnie Springs Ranch

Mark Keyser spent 15 years working in the quaint community.  He was even close friends with Bonnie Levinson, the spot’s namesake. Keyser sifted through so many memories at Bonnie Springs Ranch Thursday after news broke of big changes soon coming to the property.

“This is the gem of Las Vegas,” Keyser said. “You get out here and you can breathe.”

Keyser told 8 News NOW as millions of moments passed, he’ll always think of the amazing things he saw just outside the canyon. 

“All the years that I’ve covered every square inch of this canyon on horseback,” Keyser said. “Just watching people light up and just have that unique experience was really, it was special.”

New things are coming to Bonnie Springs Ranch, as 8 News NOW first reported on Wednesday. Joel Laub and Associates is currently in escrow to purchase the location on the edge of town, near Red Rock Conservation area.  

“When this story broke a couple days ago we all immediately connected again,” Keyser said. “It was like oh my god, what’s happened.”

The developers plan to build around 20 homes in the area and want to remain environmentally friendly, the landscape will ultimately change. 

“What I cherish most is endless memories on horseback and the people I’ve met,” Keyser said. “The friendships I’ve made. You can’t replace any of that.”

Keyser recalled his close friendship with Bonnie Levinson, who owned and managed the ranch before she died a few years ago. 

“Every time I saw her she would always come out here and give me a hug and be the sweetest person ever,” Keyser recalled. “She was a beacon of light. When she walked in the room it just lit up.”

Now as her namesake property goes in a different direction, he hopes her love for life will continue to shine through. Keyser said he will also use his time here to share her legacy for years to come, so everyone can know this spot he will always adore.

“Those images will never go away,” Keyser said. “That’s how we will keep the old Bonnie Springs alive. Part of my heart is here.”

Keyser said the bar still holds a spot open for “Miss Bonnie,” as he called Levinson. He said Bonnie Springs Ranch and the people inside it meant everything to her. 

Joel Laub and Associates is set to take its plans for the property to The Clark County Planning Commission in February. 

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