LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Five men stepped up to save a dog this week after she was found stranded near the peak of Cheyenne Mountain in the northwest valley. 

“Where she was,” rescuer Scott Oelke said. “I don’t know how in the world she got there.”

The question of how the animal was stuck on the mountain is still unknown, but the story of how she was brought down is nothing short of remarkable. 

A woman first spotted her on a day trek up the mountain Wednesday, but couldn’t get to her, so she asked for help on Facebook.  After an outpouring of community support, a group of hikers strapped on their headlamps in the middle of the night to go up and get her. 

Cheyenne was eventually located and rescued by the rescuers

“All of us became concerned,” Kelly Winder, one of the rescuers said. “And we just saw a lot of volunteers come out of the woodwork.”

“I wasn’t coming back without that dog,” Oelke said. “Until you’ve been up there, you don’t understand, there’s a lot of terrain to cover.” 

Oelke told 8 News Now it took the group about 45 minutes to climb the mountain and 15 more minutes to find the dog. 

‘Cheyenne,’ as she was appropriately named, was understandably terrified, so they brought food and took their time to slowly coax her to safety. 

“Once we got her down,” Oelke continued. “It was just, it was fantastic.”

It was a selfless act few could imagine, but these men said they were just answering the community’s call to offer a second chance to such a beautiful soul. 

“Whether it be an animal or a person,” rescuer Charlie Macias said. “You know, it’s just the compassion of helping each other out.”

Cheyenne was brought to safety

“We’re just regular guys,” Oelke concluded. “Doing something that needed to be done.

Winder, who is currently fostering Cheyenne, said she does not have a microchip. 

They are now looking for a home for the pup. Those who would like to foster or adopt can contact ‘Kiss My Paws Rescue’ at this link.