ONLY ON 8: Good Samaritan reunites Summerlin family with stolen boat

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Surveillance video captured the moment two people stole a boat from a Summerlin neighborhood monday. In broad daylight, a man and a woman can be seen hitching the wakeboard boat to the back of their black Nissan Xterra.

8 News Now reporter Darlene Melendez was on her way to interview Stacey Scharmacher and her family at their Summerlin home Tuesday regarding the stolen boat. Minutes before the interview, they sent her a North Las Vegas address, where their boat was seen just hours before.

Thanks to thousands of shares of a Facebook post showing the surveillance video, Jhonathan Montano-Sanchez recognized the boat on his way home in North Las Vegas. The boat was abandoned in a neighborhood near Lake Mead and Rancho.

“I just saw the boat, turned around, saw two little kids playing around the boat,” Montano-Sanchez recalled. “I asked who dropped the off boat, they said it was a black car. I took pictures and posted on Facebook.”

Within minutes, Stacey Scharmacher and her family saw Montano-Sanchez’s post, where he included pictures of what he believed was the stolen boat. 

After an exchange of messages, Scharmacher, her family, and Metro Police officers met Montano-Sanchez where he found the boat.

Montano-Sanchez, just pleased to help a family get back what’s rightfully theirs. “I’m happy that they’re happy that they found the boat,” he said with a smile. “I got a boat too. I have two. And I would be sad because I know how much they cost.”

Other than stolen tools, the boat was left seemingly untouched, but Montano-Sanchez still has a message for the thieves: “Stop messing with people’s property.”

As for Scharmacher and her family, left in awe over the power of social media, and thankful for the community support. “I’m glad there’s honesty still left in the world,” expressed Scharmacher. “What happened yesterday, that wasn’t an honest thing, but there’s still honesty and good people, and it was nice to see that.”

Scharmacher says she and her family had only taken the boat out of storage to get it ready for the lake this summer, and now they’ll be getting multiple locks for it.

Anyone with information on the suspects seen in the video is urged to contact the LVMPD Crime Stoppers at (702) 385-5555 to remain anonymous. 

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