ONLY ON 8: Flying with Mercy 7 teams to see how they save lives

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LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Most people know the crucial role first responders play in any community. But when someone’s fighting to survive and needs to get to the hospital quickly, there’s no one who understands more than the Mercy 7 Helicopter Team.

8 News NOW Reporter Sasha Loftis saw their heroic efforts firsthand when she joined them for a fly along Friday.

“If you ever hear on the news that someone was airlifted that’s us,” said Carlos Fonseca, Mercy 7. “We don’t even verbally talk most of the time; we just know what each other’s next step is going to be.”
The members of the Mercy 7 crew jet across the valley to rescue people most at risk before flying them to nearby hospitals
“Never stop learning. Just every call, every patient you can learn something from,” said Fonseca.

Every call takes their talents and skills thousands of feet into the sky.

“That’s one of the reasons I do it,” said Jason Messenger, Mercy 7. “I like the challenge of never knowing what the next call is going to be.”
The immeasurable impact they make means more than anything to them.
“Most of them are super thankful that we were there for them,” Messenger said. “When you’ve really made a difference and make somebody survive because you’re there, that’s nice.

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