Only on 8: Dog attacks next door neighbor’s dog; Henderson Police investigating

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HENDERSON, Nev. (KLAS) — A deadly dog attack occurred in Henderson over the weekend, with a Ring camera capturing the terrifying incident. Footage showed a dog getting through the neighbor’s fence and repeatedly attacking another dog in his own backyard.

8 News Now spoke with the owners of the dog that was killed.

WARNING: The following footage is graphic in nature and may be considered disturbing to some viewers. Viewer discretion is advised.

“I didn’t expect anything like this to happen,” said Mary Karle, Nikolai’s owner.

Karle said her Belgian Shepherd was chased and attacked by her next-door neighbor’s dog in her backyard. The Ring camera recorded both dogs appearing to go at each other, until Nikolai attempted to use a doggie door to escape.


The other dog bit his hind leg and didn’t let go.

“The only thing on it, according to the vet, was his bone and his tendon, but the pad of his foot, they said, had been chewed off along with all of his skin and tissue,” revealed Karle.

Karle said the wooden fence between both properties is about 25-years-old. Her husband started reinforcing it last year with plywood but never finished it.

“We can tell where the wood was chewed up,” Karle showed us on the fence.

She said she was at work during the ordeal. She didn’t check the notifications from Ring, assuming her dogs were playing in the backyard. She came home hours later and found Nikolai.

“All I saw was blood … he had been bleeding out all day.”

The bed where Karle found Nikolai.

Henderson Animal Care and Control left a complaint notice on the neighbor’s door and are investigating.

Karle’s message after all of this is if you have a dog, check your backyard and make sure fences and gates are secure.

We also checked the Henderson municipal code, which does acknowledge dangerous animals. If a dog is declared dangerous, an animal control officer can impound the dog.

Henderson Police did not say whether the dog is in Animal Control’s care tonight.

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