LAS VEGAS (KLAS)– The Clark County School Board of Trustees could reverse its decision to fire Superintendent Dr. Jesus Jara Thursday.

This major change comes after trustee Irene Cepeda requested a re-vote. Board president Linda Cavazos was notified by district counsel that Dr. Jara will not be at the meeting.

Cavazos says she’s hopeful there will be civil discussions, that allow them to forge a path forward for the district.

“It didn’t happen overnight. There are a lot of moving factors that are bringing us to this particular place,” Cavazos said.

Nearly three weeks after Dr. Jara was fired, many still want clarity on why it happened. Trustee Linda Cavazos says it’s not about why, but how they got here.

“This includes the trustees,” Cavazos added. “This includes what is happening in our schools right now? What is the environment like? What is the school culture like?’

Trustee Irene Cepeda is at the center of this decision. Cavazos says it could be helpful for Cepeda to publicly discuss her reasoning.

“It could be healing, and also speaking to the greater community I think it would be very transparent,” Cavazos added.

One agenda item could select an outside expert to investigate allegations of a hostile work environment.
Cavazos says she is open to a fact-finding process, and interviews on both sides.

“It would go both ways. If that’s something that they wanted to do, I am certainly open to a discussion on that and being able to get a lot of things out into the open.” Cavazos added.

In all, a key question still remains on whether Dr. Jara still wants the position, even if the vote is reversed.

“I have no idea was is going to happen. Even if it went in his favor, I don’t know if we would accept it, would he decline it, would he, I don’t know,” Cavazos said.

As of now, Jara’s last day as superintendent is expected to be Dec. 1.

The next Clark County School District Board of Trustees meeting will be held Thursday, Nov.18, at 5 pm.