LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Hundreds of dollars of fake money and an injured son. That is what a small business owner said she was left with after customers came to pick up their orders.

The incident occurred in the east valley back in late August of this year.

Jessica Saucedo spoke to 8 News Now exclusively and said it all started when a customer ordered 150 wedding invitations from her crafting business.

The customer sent her $400, with the remaining balance of another $400 to be paid during pickup.

But Saucedo said when it was time for the customer to pick up and finish paying, the customer sent someone else on their behalf and she had to send her son to collect the money as she was working.

“My son said there was a balance, my son grabbed it, I guess they saw that he noticed it was fake,” she said.
Saucedo then claimed the person handed her son fake hundred dollar bills and in a haste to leave, ran over his foot.”

When Saucedo checked with the customer, she was allegedly told the customer had no idea who the person picking up the order was. However, when she asked for the remaining balance, she told 8 News Now the customer left her hanging.

“People like that make you lose your trust in good people,” she added.

Saucedo said she reached out to 8 News Now to share her story because she didn’t want any other small business owner to trust so blindly again from now on she said she will only be sticking to electronic payments.

Her son did sustain minor injuries in the incident, according to Saucedo.

Metro police tell 8 News Now they are investigating the incident as a battery case and are currently trying to identify the accused driver.