LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Recent college graduates are finding that their “nine-to-five’s” aren’t getting the job done when it comes to paying their bills.

Many are turning to gig work to supplement their entry-level salary incomes with the help of a growing platform.

Alex Atwood is the CEO of GravyWork, an online platform that connects thousands of workers with flexible and part-time hourly jobs through a mobile app.

It’s a service that Atwood said is booming, with 20 times more weekly applicants using the platform than ever before.

“Probably in the last two months we’ve seen an exponential rise in all of our markets,” he said.

College students and recent college graduates needing to supplement their income with various jobs in hospitality, warehouse operations, and retail merchandising are some of those signing up.

“Give accessibility to those who want to do things outside of just ride-sharing and grocery delivery. So you can literally go to your local coffee shop if they’re on the GravyWork platform and you can pick shifts up there at a premium,” he said.

Atwood noted that it pays higher because employers are finding it more difficult to back-fill a position due to vacation or sick time, which creates a great opportunity and flexibility for the hourly worker.

“It’s really up to the employee, and worker, in terms of power shift, and that’s a good thing for companies like ours, and college students who have so much access now,” Atwood added.

To check out GravyWork, visit this link.