LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Las Vegas has been trending online for a popular destination for spring break and summer getaways. 

As if people need a reason to visit, great deals are flying across the board from travel to hotel rooms. 

In terms of hotels, listed several rooms on The Strip for spring break with low prices and a few with more than 50 percent off. 

Southwest also had making flying very attractive from cities like Chicago for spring break. Prices are nothing near what they normally are, but we did find good deals and some that were even sold out. 

“There is a lot of desirability for Vegas as a destination anyway, but the fact we are domestic, world-class airport and drive market for so many people helps take people away from some of the anxiety,” said Amanda Belarmino — assistant professor of hospitality at UNLV. 

Belarmino also added Nevada does not require travelers to take a COVID test like other destinations. She also says vaccinating food and hospitality workers will be key to having a successful spring and summer season.