LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Metro police officer Charleston Hartfield went to the Route 91 Harvest festival as a fan. He was off duty, attending the concert with his wife.

When the shooting started, he jumped into action … and lost his life in the process.

For the last two years, his service and bravery has been at the center of a charity hockey game in Hartfield’s honor.

It was there that his son, Ayzayah, agreed to be interviewed for the first time.

Mid-September at Lifeguard Arena. It was packed.

On the ice, veterans in white jerseys, first responders in blue.

And at center ice, the reason everyone showed up. They were all there to support the family of Charleston Hartfield.

Ayzayah Hartfield is his son.

“My father was a great man,” he said.

“He loved to serve everyone around him. His community. His family.”

Officer Charleston Hartfield. Army Veteran Charleston Hartfield. He gave his life in the 1 October shooting.

Charleston Hartfield.

On this night, they play for the Hartfield Cup.

“It means the world to me, honestly,” Ayzayah said. “To see my dad’s name carried on in such an amazing fashion.”

It’s been four years since Ayzayah lost his father.

“At first, it was difficult for me to move on,” he said. “It’s still difficult. Especially when this time of year comes around. When the anniversary comes around.”

“Emotions start to come back up. But for the most part, we’re getting along pretty well,” he said.

Ayzayah now attends the University of Oregon. He might try and walk onto the football team next year. But more importantly, he’s turning this trauma into a lifetime lesson.

“It gives me a legacy to live up to. It puts my perspective in check. It reminds me to be a better person. I’m living to carry on his name as well,” Ayzayah said.

Today, Ayzayah says his family will be with close friends to remember their loss. They also go to the Healing Garden every year to pay respects.