LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Las Vegas locals may notice a fresh face of new buildings on the north end of the Strip.

From Resorts World to Fontainebleau, you can expect the growth to continue as the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority wraps up a deal to sell a portion of their land on Elvis Presley and Las Vegas Boulevard, formerly where the Riviera Hotel and Casino used to sit.

Lori Nelson-Kraft, the senior vice president of communications for the LVCVA, said it sold the land for $120 million to Chilean real estate developer Claudio Fischer.

“When the LVCVA purchased the Riviera, it was always with knowing it would be put towards the expansion of the Las Vegas convention center,” Nelson-Kraft said. “It was always contemplated that way and while we used some of the land of the Riveria, we were able to relocate the west hall project in a more desirable location to the campus which really allowed us to have 10 extra acres.”

Proceeds from the sale will go toward the convention center’s $600 million renovation plan, all to help accommodate the thousands of visitors that come through their doors and into Las Vegas.

“It’s great that we found a great partner in Claudio Fischer, the north end of the strip has really undergone some tremendous changes, and not only do we have our west hall expansion,” Nelson-Kraft said. “Resorts World has debuted, Fontainebleau is well on its way to opening next year, the Sahara has been reimagined with new owners so the whole north end of the strip has changed and morphed beautifully over the last few years.”

Jana and Bob Woods visited from Minnesota and were curious to see what will become of the new land.

“It’s like every time you come out here, there’s something new and exciting to check out,” Bob said.

Tourists Jan Kent and Cherrie Carlson said the new developments give them a reason to keep coming back.

“I like to see growth in this city, it’s good and the economy is booming,” Kent said.

“We want to see that again with people out you know,” Carlson added.

The LVCVA expects the deal to close by mid-December.