Officials warn of bee swarming season after incident in NW valley

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LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Two people were stung several times by bees in the northwest valley Saturday afternoon, and now officials are warning valley residents to be on the lookout.

While no one was seriously hurt Saturday, Tim Szymanski with Las Vegas Fire & Rescue, said this serves as the beginning of bee swarming season.

March and April typically mark the beginning of swarming season, and warmer weather, paired with increased outdoor activity, usually leads to more bee encounters across the valley.

Officials warn that if you see bees, leave them alone. If you do encounter a swarm, there are some steps you can take:

  • You should run from the bees as quickly as you can. Bees are slow flyers and cannot keep up. Try to cover your face with either your hands or a shirt while running (bees will attack the eyes-nose-mouth). 
  • Seek shelter in a building or vehicle. Do not jump into a pool or lake, the bees will attack when you come up for air.
  • The bees will continue to be agitated after the attack by loud or humming noises such as barking dogs, lawnmowers, weed eaters, flashing lights, etc. Try to keep the area as quiet and calm as possible.
  • If it appears that a person is being attacked or other people are in imminent danger because of the attack, you should call 911 immediately.
  • If someone is stung by a bee and becomes dizzy, nauseated or has difficulty breathing, an allergic reaction to the sting might be occurring. This is a serious medical emergency and 9-1-1 should be called immediately.
  • If you are stung, remove the stinger by scraping it out and washing the area with soap and water and applying a cold pack to the sting site.
  • If you are stung more than 10 times, you should go a quick care center or contact your personal physician and be checked out. Reaction to bee venom takes several hours, which may cause you to feel sick later. People with an allergic reaction should call 911 and seek immediate medical attention.

Officials warn hiker to be aware of swarms out on the trails near the Las Vegas valley. Szymanski says Lone Mountain has been a popular place for hiker to encounter bees in the past.

For more information about bee safety, call 702-229-2000.

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