Officials: Roughly 200 staff, students possibly exposed to TB at Durango High School

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There’s new information in the confirmed case of tuberculosis at Durango High School. The Southern Nevada Health District said Thursday that it identified roughly 200 people who had possibly been exposed to the disease at the campus located on Rainbow Boulevard near Russell Road.

The Southern Nevada Health District notified select students at Durango High School through a letter that they had close and prolonged contact with the person with active tuberculosis and now need to be tested. 

“Half the school is panicking like they had masks on them and stuff,” said David Alejo, a senior at Durango High School.

The SNHD says it started investigating the case in mid to late February.  The person involved was soon excused from being at the school.

The Health District and school then worked together to identify close contacts.

“So it’s not something  we want people to be alarmed about but, it is something where we want to be aggressive in our contact investigation to make sure we identify anyone else who has active TB or is at risk of developing active,” said Dr. Vit Kraushaer, a medical investigator at Southern Nevada Health District.

Those identified are now required by law to take a test which will be conducted next Wednesday and Thursday during school hours at no charge.  But, some parents don’t want to take chances.

“We’ll have him tested, make an appointment with his pediatrician to see if he may have contracted it even though he has been vaccinated but just as a precaution,” said Margaret Walker, parent.

The Health District reports investigating 59 actives cases of TB last year. Tuberculosis typically affects the lungs.

The disease spreads from person to person through the air by coughing, sneezing or speaking after extended contact.

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