LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — As clean-up continues on Mt. Charleston after tropical storm Hilary washed out roads and caused power outages, there is a race against the clock to repair as much of the damage as possible.

Clark County officials are concerned that Mother Nature may strike again with thunderstorms expected on Thursday, dampening efforts to bring things back to normal for residents.

Access to Mt. Charleston remains closed to the public as crews work to restore roads, water, and power.

But Nevada Department of Transportation District Engineer Mario Gomez says challenges persist.

“There’s an extensive amount of damage up on the road,” Gomez said. “It’s a mountainous area. Getting heavy trucks in and out of the area is very difficult because there’s also other damage on other parts of the road.”

The extensive road damage on Mt. Charleston is slowing down the ability to repair roads.

“There’s 20, 30 feet worth of cut the water just took out off of our roads,” Gomez said.

He adds another reason why roads aren’t opening up as quickly.

“We don’t have enough people for the amount of damage. That’s extensive in that whole area. With the people that we have, it’s still not enough to fix it as soon as we can,” Gomez said.

On Monday, the 8 News Now video captured the washes on the mountain flowing with water coming down the mountain. But by Tuesday, those washes were dry.

In an email, NV Energy announced it restored power to 200 customers in the Rainbow subdivision of Kyle Canyon.

But residents living in the Echo and Cathedral Rock subdivisions as well as Old Town remain without power and water, according to Clark County officials.

The county said in an email that it moved a water tanker near the entrance of Rainbow as a filling station.

There are others lending a helping hand. In a post to “X”, formerly known as Twitter, World Central Kitchen stated it’s providing meals to residents stuck in the mountain.

“Search and rescue crews are taking these ATVs right here. Driving people and bringing them back down to this base camp that we set up here. We have sandwiches and water waiting for them when they arrive,” a person named Tyler said.

A boiled water notice remains in effect for the residents living in the Mt. Charleston subdivisions.

NDOT announced it has opened an emergency single lane on Kyle Canyon Road, only for emergency responders and residents of Mt. Charleston.