SAVANNAH, Ga. (WJCL) — When you get pulled over during a traffic stop, you typically expect to drive off owing money. But during a Saturday night stop, three Savannah police officers sent a young mother off with a gift she never expected.

Saturday night in Albany, Georgia, Savannah Police Corporal Stephen Bland, and APO Austin Neumann and William Daniels set up a road check as a part of the Governor’s Office of Highway Safety. They pulled over a car with a tag written in ink then something else inside the car caught their eyes.

“We noticed the two kids in the back seat were in the car seats but neither of the harnesses were showing,” Cpl. Steve Bland said.

The officers pulled over a young mom with one-year-old twins sitting in frayed car seats. The mother told them she recently was the victim of car theft and just got the car she was riding in. The officers say she told them she couldn’t afford new seats.

“I just looked at it and I told her I’d pay for her seats,” Cpl. Bland said. “I asked her where the Walmart was. They were kind of shocked.”

While Cpl. Bland picked up the seats APO Neumann and Daniels played with the twins. Bland says as a father and grandfather he wanted to help keep this family safe. APO Neumann is a father to be and says he thought about his own child on the way.

“It makes me want to make sure I have a good seat, and that its in properly, so that whenever my child decide to makes an appearance, God forbid they’re in a collision,” APO Neumann said.

The officers also want parents to know that the Savannah Police Department is a resource if they need advice about car seats or even if they need help buying one.

“We’d rather go through whatever we need to go through to get you a seat rather than you ride without a seat, or without a safe seat,” Cpl. Bland said.