LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — While some are excited about international travel, others are choosing to stick closer to home, living off the grid right here in the U.S. for a more flexible lifestyle.

“I think we’re kind of past the trending stage right now, this is here to stay.…you can get out of campgrounds, get away from people,” Loren Walker, XGRiD Campers owner said on why customers are excited about exploring off-roading instead of traditional RV travel.

Walker opened the XGRiD showroom at the Las Vegas Vegas Motor Speedway during the pandemic in July 2020 to focus on the fast-growing camping market.

Top off-grid camper manufacturers showcased their 2021 models at the first annual XGRiD Camper Model Preview Party on Nov. 7.

Knowledgeable staff along with representatives were there to explain why many are bypassing campgrounds and paving their own roads.

The camper units XGRiD sells are more rugged and allow the user to stay off-the-grid longer, complete with full solar capabilities, articulated hitches, off-road suspension, and zero-wood construction.

Walker says he lost his job due to COVID and that is when he decided to do something different with his own life. He now has two camper dealership locations offering eight of the most popular off-roading brands in the world.

He says there is something for everyone at his showroom, no matter their level of camping experience.


Jeremy says his family’s choice to live on the road gives them more flexibility than having an RV, which often requires a reservation at a campground.

“Truth be told, it was actually my idea,” Kelli said. Moving around all the time is where the decision to live on the road started. They realized they didn’t need a big RV to make it their remote lifestyle work.

“You can go off the beaten path and design your own adventure,” he says.

He didn’t always work remotely. His old job had him moving every three to six months and his wife was tired of packing up their life so often, so they decided to get a smaller rig that allowed them to “take the house with them.”

Jeremy went back to school and now works in IT. He designed a camping rig that has internet service so that no matter where his family travels they are connected.

Some of their favorite off-the-grid products are:

The camper the family chose is hauled by their Toyota 4Runner so they don’t have to put their tent away every time. They can then drive to the store, go play, ride bikes down trails, kayak, and leave their home as a basecamp.

The Overland family says they can stay off-the-grid for two weeks before needing to go food shopping, and Jeremy says no hookups are required.


The flexibility of homeschooling was important for the Overland family. Kelli says their children are doing well in school because they get “hands-on” lessons.

“I think we’re doing it right because they ask to do school all the time,” Jeremy said.

The Overland Family – Jackson, 6, Jefferson, 2, Mom Kelli, Joshua, 9, Dad Jeremy Jonathan, 4

The Overland boys are 9,6,4 and 2-years-old and their parents say they “absolutely love it.”

Kelli says when they visit a place, they turn it into a learning lesson. Their children learn about local history and recently obtained Junior Ranger badges while in Nevada.

“They retain it so much when they have that experience to go along with the story,” Kelli said about her children’s different learning styles.


Kelli and Jeremy only post to their social media channels three months after they have left a location to protect their children and maintain privacy.

They say they haven’t had any safety concerns since deciding to live on the road full-time.

Kelli giving a tour of the J&K Full-Time Adventures Camper | Photo: Rocky Nash

“If it does happen though…we have wheels, so we’re mobile, we’ll just get down the road and go somewhere else where we do feel safe,” Jeremy said.

Things to consider when selecting a camper:

  • Battery charging capacity
  • Solor panel wattage
  • Vehicle towing capacity
  • Water storage

At this XGRiD Camper event, future off-grid travelers were able to tour campers and decide which rig would allow them the freedom to travel whenever and wherever they want and learn what it takes to sustain that lifestyle from manufacturer representatives.

XGriD offers larger campers similar to what Jeremy and Kelli own and low-profile pop-up campers, all ranging from $20,000 to $60,000 – with majority of units being in the middle of that range.

XGRiD Campers is an RV dealer to the following camper Brands:

  • Boreas Campers
  • Mission Overland
  • Opus Off-Road
  • RKS Off-Road
  • Taxa Outdoors Cricket
  • Australian Off-Road
  • Conqueror UEV
  • Expedition Trailers

For those new to life on the road, XGriD Campers offers a full lineup of rugged and luxurious off-road camper rentals.

Walker says staff will spend an hour helping a customer get familiar with the unit so they can confidently and safely enjoy their first off-road trip.

When you’re ready to make a purchase, Walker says they will do another full training with the new rig owner.

The XGRiD Campers indoor showroom is located at 6949 Speedway Blvd, Suite 109 in North Las Vegas near the Las Vegas Motor Speedway. Call 702-779-3397 to set up a tour.