LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — A confrontation at a Henderson grocery store over the theft of $65 in alcohol resulted in an off-duty Laughlin constable firing his weapon, according to a Henderson police report.

There’s no evidence anyone was injured when the shot was fired.

A Henderson Police Department report indicates Craig Dahlheimer, 64, came across a group of shoplifters, identified only as white males, approximately 17 years old. The report states Dahlheimer is employed by the Laughlin Constable’s Office and was off duty the night of June 15 when the incident occurred at the Vons grocery store on E. Anthem Village Drive near Eastern Avenue. 

The report indicates “three or four” males were walking out of the store with alcohol they didn’t pay for when Dahlheimer and his wife walked up to the store, the report said.

Dahlheimer told them to stop, ordering, “Police … stop.” They continued to walk away and he followed them into the parking lot.

The group got into a car and started speeding towards Dahlheimer. According to the report, Dahlheimer was scared he was about to be hit so he took out his gun and fired one shot at the car. 

The incident didn’t end there. 

According to the report, Dahlheimer noticed a male who he thought was one of the thieves and held him at gunpoint on the ground. Then he let him go after “he noticed he had the wrong male.”

The shoplifters left the scene and have not been identified, the report said. Von’s management declined to prosecute over the stolen alcohol.

At this time, Henderson police have not filed any charges against Dahlheimer. The report indicates the investigation continues into Dahlheimer firing his weapon.

When Henderson police responded to the 8:41 p.m. call, Dahlheimer identified himself as an off-duty police officer. Henderson officers secured the gun in a patrol vehicle, but the report does not say if the weapon has been returned to Dahlheimer.

Officers located the shell casing in the parking lot, but were unable to find where the bullet struck. A check of all area hospitals found no reports of walk-in patients with a gunshot wound, police said.

8 News Now reached out to the constable’s office for a statement, but we are still waiting for a response. 

Nevada constables are civil enforcement officers. “In the rare instances that we make arrests, prisoners are remanded to the custody of the county sheriff,” according to the Laughlin constable’s website.