LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — A grand jury indicted a deputy sheriff with the Nye County Sheriff’s Office on several charges after he allegedly falsely arrest a former CEO of a Pahrump-based utility cooperative.

Captain David E. Boruchowitz, 42, appeared in federal court Friday after his arrest on federal wire fraud, perjury, and civil rights violations stemming from a February 2019 arrest of the former CEO of Valley Electric Association (VEA).

According to the indictment, Boruchowitz falsely arrested the former CEO without probable cause The indictment claimed that the arrest was part of a larger scheme to defraud the former CEO of her job by falsely alleging in court documents that she embezzled services from the VEA.

The indictment said that Boruchowitz made false statements and omitted material facts to obtain court documents under false pretenses as part of the broader plan to get the CEO fired from her job at VEA.

Boruchowitz also committed federal wire fraud after he had press releases issued from NCSO that falsely alleged that the investigation and arrest of the CEO was the result of a court-authorized process when he actually obtained the process under false pretenses without probable cause, the indictment said.

Boruchowitz also perjured himself when he falsely testified during a federal civil deposition about his knowledge and level of involvement in the circumstances surrounding the arrest, the indictment said.

Boruchowitz’s trial is set to begin on Oct. 16, 2023, before U.S. District Judge Andrew P. Gorden.

If convicted, Boruchowitz can face a maximum term of 1 year for the civil rights charge and a 20-year and 5-year term for each count of wire fraud and perjury violations.