LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Expect a big increase in your NV Energy power bill next year, and a smaller kick from Southwest Gas as rate increases go into effect Jan. 1.

Together, the increases will cost residential customers an average of more than $26 per month.

Residential customers will see electric bills go up just more than 14%, with a single-family home paying on average $23.43 more each month. Gas bills will go up 4.8%, adding $2.76 to a typical single-family home bill.

The rate requests submitted in mid-November were put in place to recoup the cost of electricity and gas purchased on the open market.

Jennifer Schuricht, a spokesperson for NV Energy, said assistance is available for customers.

“We understand that anything that impacts a utility bill can be challenging for customers. NV Energy offers energy assistance, payment options including FlexPay and Equal Pay, and energy efficiency products and services to help keep bills stable. Information on these options can be found at,” Schuricht said. “Customers are encouraged to reach out to us so we can help them find a solution that best fits their needs.”

She said natural gas prices have increased 65% nationwide since 2021, adjustments will not produce any profits for NV Energy. Natural gas is the primary fuel used to generate electricity in Nevada.

An outline of costs being passed along to NV Energy customers appears near the bottom of a filing from Nov. 21. In addition to the residential rate increases, additional costs for electric-vehicle charging are going up:

NV Energy said in a news release Thursday it was making several moves to reduce reliance on power that it doesn’t produce itself, seeking state approval to expand a natural gas production facility near Las Vegas, building battery storage in Northern Nevada and building a geothermal plant. The steps are needed as “extreme, western region heatwaves are becoming the new norm,” the company said.

And although the Southwest Gas rate hike is much smaller than NV Energy’s, assistance is also available. “We have various tips, tools and programs to help customers manage their gas bills and usage,” according to Amy Washburn, Southwest Gas spokesperson.

“Southwest Gas encourages customers who may be experiencing financial hardship to visit to learn more about financial assistance programs and flexible payment plan options available. Southwest Gas also encourages customers to take advantage of its Equal Payment Plan (EPP) which helps make monthly bills more predictable throughout the year. Customers can also reduce their natural gas use by following these helpful conservation tips found here:,” Washburn said.