LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Nevada Democrats held a few of many volunteer training seminars Thursday night, as participants prepare for their roles in Saturday’s caucus in Las Vegas.

Dozens of volunteers came out to learn as much as they could ahead of the weekend’s main event, as organizers went through the exact steps everyone is expected to follow.

“It always is great,” training attendee and caucus volunteer Patricia Thorn told 8 News Now. “I was really excited to participate in the caucus when I first came here.”

After Iowa’s failed experience with a result calculating app, organizers will use iPads to count votes locally with a secondary paper system on standby. 

“The party had a backup plan,” Democratic National Committee Chair Tom Perez told 8 News Now. “”Because they were required to have a backup plan under our rules of engagement.”

Party leaders have also given volunteers plenty of chances to practice with the iPads in person and go over manual caucus math. 

“I think because we had so many early voters that may take some of the stress off the caucus sites,” Thorn said when asked what she expects this weekend. “And it will be way less intense than it was in 2016.”

While some believe mistakes and glitches could cause chaos for caucus-goers, they hope their efforts to prepare for the worst will bring the best results. 

“We have been trained several times,” Thorn concluded. “So I’m not entirely concerned.”

Nevada Democrats have two more in-person training seminars available Friday, along with webinar options. For more information, CLICK HERE.