NV Dems detail how results will be reported on caucus day

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LAS VEGAS (KLAS) – With less than 24 hours before caucus day, the Nevada State Democratic Party detailed how it plans to report on the caucus results.

The state party says their focus is to make the process secure, efficient and easy while at the same time ensuring measures are taken to address the problems that surfaced after the failure of the app used to calculate results in the Iowa Caucus.

“The party has a backup plan, “said Tom Perez, Chairman for the Democratic National Committee on Thursday.    

The process includes backups, redundancies and an extensive paper trail that will look like this:

  • Caucus Reporting Sheet: This paper will record the final results of the precinct caucus which will be signed off by one representative from each viable candidate group.
  • Call to Hotline:  After the precinct caucus ends, the precinct chairs will call a hotline to securely report their results verbally.
  • Operator Will Text Photo of Reporting Sheet:  After calling the hotline operator the precinct chair will send a photo via text of the caucus reporting sheet to the state party staff through an internal MMS reporting hub (no internet or wifi will be used).
  • Hand Reporting Sheet to Site Lead:  Where then they will return their caucus reporting sheet and other materials to the site lead. 
  • Additional Redundancy:  Site leads will use one iPad to take a photo of their caucus reporting sheets as an extra backup.
  • Delivery back to State Party:  Site leads will then return all reporting sheets into a designated envelope, and physically deliver all materials back to the state party. 

To ensure that the caucus results are verified, this is how the state party intends to safeguard integrity:

  • Hotline Report: This will be the primary source for reporting the precinct caucus results on caucus day.  
  • Photographs of Reporting Sheets:  In addition to the original paper record of the caucus reporting sheet, hotline reports can also be checked against photographs of the caucus reporting sheets to confirm the integrity of the data.
  • Published Caucus Results:  The results published on caucus day will reflect the information reported from the caucus reporting sheets. If there are any math questions on the count, or issues on caucus reporting sheets, they will be addressed subsequent to caucus day after following first the established results review procedure.

According to the state party, all results will be available to the public on caucus day on the NV Dems website that will be updated regularly. In addition to this, they will also provide the following:

  • Three Sets of Data:  As part of the new DNC rules, t three sets of data will still be reported and include raw cotes from the first alignment, raw votes from the final alignment and a county delegate result.
  • Continuous Review:  After the first results are reported on caucus day, a process of examining and reviewing the caucus results will continue through the state party’s already established delegate selection process.
  • Prompt and Accurate Recount Request: As required by the DNC, the Nevada State Democratic Party will provide a standard process for any of the presidential candidates to requests a speedy and correct recount. At this point, the state party will also address any questions, or issues related to the reported results or the caucus reporting sheets. 
  • Corrections:  In the event of a recount, if the state party finds the calculation was not correct, the party will correct the total number of awarded delegates. 
  • Reporting Convention Delegates: At the conclusion of the process, the party will report the national convention delegates.

Nevada Democrats held a few of many volunteer training seminars on Thursday to ensure that the dozens of volunteers participating were well prepared for Saturday’s caucus. 

There are two more in-person training sessions available Friday as well as on the web for all participating volunteers. 

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