LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — People in a northwest valley neighborhood are dealing with major debris on the roads after severe storms hit the Las Vegas valley Tuesday night.

“It was up to your knees over there,” Brent Jones said, pointing to a road in his northwest valley neighborhood.

Jones has lived near Fort Apache Road and Tropical Parkway for about eight years. He told 8 News Now it’s common for rain to come through this time of year, this particular storm was one of a kind.

“It comes from the desert over there,” he explained. “And just comes straight down.”

He and others on this side of town reported what they called a “crazy” storm, with gusts around 60 miles per hour and reports of over an inch of rain coming down in just a few hours.

“Our front door was leaking because the water was hitting the door,” another neighbor told 8 News Now. “So hard, it was leaking underneath the door.”

The houses didn’t see any significant damage, but now many of the roads are nearly impassible, with mud, pebbles, and boulder-sized rocks covering the asphalt.

“There’s a lot of them,” Jones said. “It’s like a dirt road now.”

As those who spoke with 8 News Now wait for all this debris to be cleared, they said they are forced to be as careful as they can.

“You look at what’s left and it’s huge,” another neighbor said of the roads. “It’s like going off-road in a two-door coupe.”

Others in the area also told 8 News Now this was the worst storm they’ve seen in years.

They added that there are a few people with private machinery that were able to clear some of the dirt from the main roads until it was completely cleaned off.

If you need to contact Clark County about debris or other issues blocking a road in the valley, you can call the Public Works Department at 702-455-6000.