LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — The Las Vegas valley continues to grow and residents are noticing. One area in particular in the northwest valley has a lot of potential for development as more restaurants and retail outlets start to pop up.

Jennifer Gibson moved to Las Vegas in 2022 and since then has noticed the area of Craig Road and Rancho Drive and wonders what could pop up next.

“I still think it’s very enjoyable and a good place to be, but I’m just curious to see how far they go,” Gibson said. “We came from California about a year ago and I really enjoyed how wide open the space was and I think some of it is a good thing and a little bit of the other as it’s starting to feel a little crowded.”

What used to be a Kmart building, which closed down many years ago, is now a new furniture store with a Planet Fitness a couple of doors down and a Dutch Bros across the street.

Some are pleased with the continued growth even if it does slow down their morning commute.

“I think it’s really great as it’s developing fast. Sure there is a lot more traffic so I do have to wake up a little bit earlier every day for work,” local Katherine Mendez said.

However, others understand that with growth comes a price tag, but ultimately feel like it’s needed to keep the economy afloat.

“I’m all for new people moving in, it just can make things more expensive, but either way people have to have a place to live,” local Jacob White said.

The area is just a mile up the road from where Texas Station and Fiesta Rancho used to sit. Now that the station casinos were knocked down, people who live nearby are looking for what is next.

“My family is from the middle east so I would want more middle eastern foods and shops would be nice,” White said.