Northwest Academy employees say they still haven’t been paid

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Several former employees of Northwest Academy say they still haven’t been paid, months after an investigation forced the school to shut down. 

As the former employees deal with the aftermath of what happened, they also told 8 News NOW what they saw inside of the building.

There’s no sign of Northwest Academy in Amargosa Valley these days. Instead, a youth healing center now sits in its place.

“I’m still owed about approximately $800. Some people haven’t even gotten their last checks. This happened in February,” said former Supervisor Joshua Arimura.

The Labor Commissioners Office is currently investigating ten open wage claims.

Northwest Academy surrendered its license after the owners, Marcel and Patricia Chappius, were arrested on 43 counts of child abuse. 

Northwest Academy was reportedly forced to use bottled water after “dangerous” levels of arsenic were found in the tap water.

Shakala Alvaranga, 8 News Now reporter: ‘Did you see them cook with the water?’

Amy Manka, Former Supervisor: ‘Oh yes. I was there when they cooked with the water. I stopped eating that. I started bringing my own food.’

Shakala Alvaranga, 8 News Now reporter: ‘Were there enough bottled waters for the kids? No. They ran out many many times.’

Employees say they didn’t know the extent of the water issue and they were left in the dark for most of the investigation.

“It was kind of like a slap in the face and a lot of the staff members felt disrespected,” said Arimura.

Once the investigation is complete, employees are hoping they’ll get their money back.

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