North Las Vegas police write 398 tickets in traffic crackdown

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Texting and driving

North Las Vegas, Nevada – On July 31 through August 3 seventeen officers and one civilian dispatcher conducted a distracted driving event (JF#13). 

NLVPD officers made a total of 394 traffic stops and issued a total of 398 citations for a variety of offenses during the Joining Forces Distracted Drivers event, including:

  • 158 speeding violations
  • 30 drivers license violations
  • 15 registration violations
  • 26 equipment violations
  • 9 insurance violations
  • 49 distracted driving violations
  • 26 red light violations
  • 11 failure to yield the right of way violations
  • 1 seat belt violation
  • 2 pedestrian at fault violations
  • 3 reckless driving violations
  • 4 drowsy driver violations
  • 21 “all other” violations
  • 1 felony arrest
  • 2 field sobriety tests were conducted
  • 1 towed vehicle
  • 92 warnings given

The felony arrest was for a prohibited person having a firearm and for drug offenses.

The period of the operation was split between two days, a Monday and a Friday. The Friday event was held during the morning hours from 7 a.m. until 12 p.m. The Monday event was a full-day event from 6 a.m. until 4 p.m.

The concentration of these events was in areas that reported speed violations, areas of high collisions, citizen complaints of distracted drivers and, or areas that had a high capacity of traffic for the time period that was worked.

Along with citations, officers warned violators of the dangers of distracted driving and how lacking full time and attention could lead to more severe traffic collisions. The purpose was education and deterrence.

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