LAS VEGAS (KLAS)– In North Las Vegas in the 1980s, the Cheyenne Sports Complex was the place to play ball. However, the central spot for recreation for North Las Vegas has seen better days.

“This was the genesis of sports here in the valley,” said Cass Palmer, City of North Las Vegas Director of Neighborhood and Leisure Services. “Our intent to bring it back to the heyday, to bring the 75,000 folks back here!”

The Cheyenne Sports Complex has seen better days, and it is about to again since the park is getting a lot of needed attention.

“It’s about a $4 million upgrade to the park,” said Palmer.

The park will be getting upgrades including resurfacing the track and tennis courts, lighting, irrigation, new turf, paved parking lots, a playground, and a giant splash pad.

“It’s a lot of fun for the kids! Splash pads are great from everyone’s perspective,” Palmer said. “From a toddler all the way up to my age.”

Some North Las Vegas residents consider the improvements a necessity for a safe place to play.

“It’s very important because where I live, the children, play outside of my house and the cars cross the street. and everything and it’s dangerous!” said Esther Cardiel, a 14-year resident.

While the park does provide a safe place for kids to play, a point of the park is to also provide a place for seniors to stroll.

“We need to walk all the time, people my age,” said Cardiel.

The project will be complete in 18 months with vast improvements filling the expansive 38-acre park.

“You’re gonna know you’re in a first-class facility for our citizens that’s what we’re after, for our folks to come over here, and say ‘wow,” said Palmer

The funding for this project comes from a congressional earmark from Congressman Steven Horsford, as well as money from North Las Vegas, the Bureau of Land Management, and the state. Locals can enjoy the new and improved Cheyenne Sports Complex in about a year and a half.