LAS VEGAS (KLAS)– North Las Vegas may elect, for the first time in its history an African-American Mayor. While Pamela Goynes-Brown isn’t the official mayor-elect yet, she feels confident after election day. 

North las Vegas has been her home since the 1960s. As North Las Vegas Mayor she said she would continue to pave the way in a number of firsts, “First African American female Mayor, and I have accomplished some other firsts as well already, the first African American for Ward 2, and following the legacy of my parents and father who served as Mayor Pro-tem and Councilman in ward 2 in his time,” she told 8 News Now.

Goynes-Brown represents a city with so much diversity and momentum, from the Apex Industrial park, the city’s job creation zone project, downtown revitalization, and expansion of the Veterans Center.

“We are tracking Fortune 500 companies to set up shop in little old North Las Vegas, which will mean job creation and higher paying jobs,” Goynes-Brown said. “I am excited about this next journey. I just want to make sure I do it well and continue to listen to my constituents, their voices really matter to me.”

On Friday, November 18, 2022 the North Las Vegas City Council will have a special meeting to canvass the election. If Council approves the canvass, the election results are finalized.

The mayoral term will begin on December 1, 2022.