LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — A North Las Vegas family spoke to 8 News Now about the nightmare they survived after their house was destroyed by fire.

It happened in September near North 5th Street and the 215.

Three weeks after a fire destroyed her home, Cherise Coleman said she can’t wrap her head around the new reality her family is living.

“There was a point where I panicked leaving the home. Walking out of the bedroom I saw my mom and asked her where the children were and said my daughter Ryan was in the shower,” she said.

Coleman said all six family members and their two dogs escaped the fire.

However, the aftermath they said was a nightmare. Thousands of dollars in damages and items with sentimental value are all gone.

“There is literally nothing left,” Coleman expressed.

On Sept. 23, according to the North Las Vegas Fire Department flames were reported in the home’s garage on Jacksboro Court around 10 p.m.

The Red Cross Disaster Action Team of volunteers also stepped in to help and quickly learned the smoke detectors they recently provided had saved the family’s life.

Nikki Morachnick with the American Red Cross described the role working smoke detectors played in the lives of the family.

“Had they not had these smoke detectors to alert them, their daughter could have been trapped in the bathroom, and having the family in the back of the house, smoke inhalation is always a problem,” Morachnick said.

Those smoke detectors were part of the organization’s sound the alarm campaign installed a few years back – free of charge and now saving the Colemans from an enormous amount of pain.

“It’s heartbreaking to know everything you work hard for is gone in a moment’s time,” Coleman said.

The Coleman family won’t be able to return to their home until after the first of the year once all the damages have been repaired.

The Red Cross wants to remind everyone of how important smoke detectors can be.

Those interested in learning more about how to get a smoke detector for their home can do so by clicking HERE.