LAS VEGAS (KLAS)– The craft beer scene in Southern Nevada continues to overflow with opportunity.

After three years, Amanda Payan and her brother are preparing to open their brewery inside their parents’ former construction business. The beers are named for their family and landmarks of North Las Vegas.

“We loved to incorporate that important part of our family history because being third-generation business owners in North Las Vegas, we wanted to include that little bit of our family heritage,” said Amanda Payan co-owner of North 5th Brewing.

Payan says shipping and supply issues from the pandemic extended their budget and timeline, but they were able to work around it.

“Even the price of the stuff for construction, everything went up. Plumbing went up, electric went up, and it’s just due to the shortage of everything,” Payan added.

Despite some challenges, North 5th Brewing is now one of five new businesses opening in the city in two months.

“These are jobs that pay a decent salary, so it’s a liveable wage so you will be able to raise your family and feed your family. So that’s extremely important,” Pamela Goynes Brown said.

Councilwoman Goynes Brown says the city is now working to open even more firsts.

“Bringing quality restaurants, sit down restaurants, fast food restaurants. So there are a lot of firsts in that area because there are not many places like that in North Las Vegas, and Craig Road is just evolving into just that,” Goynes Brown added.

In October, the City of North Las Vegas launched its Small Business Connector. This is a one-stop shop for access to funding, employees, and assistance on starting a business.

North 5th Brewing opens on Dec.11th.