LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — September is National Suicide prevention awareness month and is devoted to raising awareness about suicide prevention, reducing the stigma around the topic, and encouraging those in need to seek resources.

“These agencies have sustained losses from COVID, their families, and the pandemic has changed our lives, all the while, still having to respond to natural disasters like Ida, their own day to day pressures of living, and the crisis of 911 calls, one after the other, which is the nature of this type of work,” Brandielee Baker, co-founder of the Code 9 Project said.

The Code 9 Project is a peer support hotline, which is comprised of active and former military law enforcement and first responders dedicated to helping bring suicide numbers down by providing support and resources.

Baker said the coronavirus pandemic is putting first responders and healthcare workers at high risk for mental health problems because they are at the front lines providing care to others while struggling with their own PTSD and depression. The team was recently deployed to a department in Louisiana that reached out for help after experiencing a suicide.

Baker’s goal is to have every agency nationwide know they can call her nonprofit organization, day or night, for help.

For more information on the project, you can reach to them at