LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — A functioning and clean bathroom is what every tenant wants to have. However, an 8 News Now viewer reached out after he said his bathroom had been overflowing with something not many of us want to talk about, fecal matter. 

The tenant said there has been sewage leaking into his bathroom at the Greenville Park Apartments. The tenant asked to remain anonymous but wanted the public to see the sewage that keeps coming into his bathroom. 

“The feces will come from the sewage drain and it will leak below the faucet, and it will rise from the toilet,” the tenant said. 

When the sewage overflows his bathroom, he and his young son are left without a bathroom for days. 

“The issue has only worsened,” he said. 

His first-floor neighbors also said the same thing has happened to them. The issue has been happening every few days since January, and every time there are work orders completed to drain the tub. 

However, after it is drained residents tell 8 News Now, they are left to clean up the fecal matter that stays behind. 

“It was a foul smell it was hard to breathe,” the tenant said. 

8 News Now spoke to the leasing office to get answers but was told to contact their corporate office. 

8 News Now spoke to Dena Lerner, the Marketing Director for Westland Real Estate Group. Lerner said they brought in plumbing experts to find the cause.

“We brought in licensed plumbers to assist us with this problem,” Lerner said. ” There are no structure issues with the community at Greenville unfortunately what is going on is that residents are using flushable wipes.”

When asked why residents had to clean up the aftermath Lener responded, “Westland has never asked a resident to clean up an issue like this.”

However, the tenant told 8 News Now that Westland never offered to send someone to clean it up.

Lerner said residents need to stop flushing wipes in order for the sewage backup to stop. 

8 News Now has requested Lerner to provide a copy of the report from the plumber that indicates flushable wipes are causing the issue but has not received one at this time.

“I don’t know how long people can sleep like this knowing people are living like this,” the tenant said.