LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Did you make a goal to participate in “dry January” — no booze for a month?

Don’t lose hope. There is still time to end the month strong. No wine. No hard liquor. No beer.

Starting at Halloween for some, and running through Thanksgiving, the December holidays, and then New Years — we’ve been socially drinking for two months.

Going cold turkey on booze for four weeks can be difficult.

It may be a goal for many people to make healthy changes at the start of the year.

“For a lot of people that do abstain for periods of time, intermittent, or periods of time throughout the year, they notice things like weight loss. There is high caloric intact with alcohol consumption,” said Krystal Riccio of Roseman University’s College of Pharmacy. “As well as improve cognition. Space to improve their thinking.”

Morning Consult reports dry January participation grew to 19% of adults, many who are millennials. That’s an increase from last year, where 13% said they would participate

Some critics of “dry January” say it hurts local bars. While a decrease in alcohol consumption at bars could hurt for a moment, health experts say there are alternatives.

And it’s important to stay focused on the bigger picture — health.

Riccio noted that bars can offer mocktails during “dry January” to support those participating.

She says taking a pause for some period of time during the year can have many benefits. Riccio says if you are drinking more than seven drinks in a week for a woman or 14 in a week for a man, that could be viewed as excessive.

If this is a repeated behavior for a period of time, it could be a sign of a larger problem and it’s time to seek help.

“Any time you are approaching someone with a concern that may have a substance abuse problem, approach it from a place of love, Riccio said.

“Have compassion that they may not identify with the problem. Approach them in a real way from a place of love,” she said.

Some tips to have a successful “dry January:”

  • Find a substitute non-alcoholic drink — maybe sparkling water or the virgin version of your favorite cocktail.
  • Avoid temptations — take it out of the house.
  • Create a support system or have an acceptability partner.
  • Don’t give up — if you slip up don’t feel guilty just begin again the next day.

And, of course, you can do a dry month at anytime.